Practical Sustainability.

Activus Energy is an energy consulting firm owned and managed by our group of experienced executives that have led companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

Activus has experience in working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500. We have demonstrated and implemented significant savings for companies that have no experience working with energy consultants to companies that have facilities that are LEED Gold certified and are working with the industry’s largest consultants.

We engage on a no-cost basis to earn our client’s business.  Most of our client’s energy saving projects are financed in such a way that there is no capital expenditures.

Active and Practical

Activus is an affiliated company of Altimus Capital which also owns Navigate Power and Verde Solutions.

Navigate Power is one of the largest energy procurement companies in the U.S and has negotiated the procurement of electricity and gas for over 50,000 commercial customers and contracts in excess of $1 billion worth of energy. 

Verde Solutions offers a complete array of energy efficiency products and services and has completed over 1,500 Commercial Energy projects in 48 states, fulfilling everything from analysis to engineering to installation. Verde provides complete project management and continued support.