Fiscal Sense

Activus is an energy consulting company formed to have a positive impact on our clients’ businesses and our planet. The Activus Team is comprised of passionate executives and directors that have led companies and organizations from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. The team at Activus realizes that the implementation of energy efficiency products and services first needs to make sense to a company’s bottom line.

The Latin meaning of Activus is “Active and Practical” – actively implementing practical energy procurement and efficiency solutions, saving companies their well-earned money.

Activus is proud to offer products and services of its affiliated companies, Navigate Power for energy supply procurement and Verde Solutions for energy efficiency products and services.

On the same side of the table as our customers, we completely remove all of the complexity and financial hurdles, reducing energy rates, usage and pollution, and delivering savings from day one. The only impact to your financials is a larger bottom line. This is our mission and how Activus Energy will continue to benefit our customers.

Together we can achieve a positive impact on your company’s profitability and the planet’s sustainability.