Our solutions are designed with your strategic business objectives in mind. We leverage our extensive experience in procurement, engineering, project design, implementation, commissioning, operations, incentives, project management and maintenance to deliver customized and innovative solutions that deliver performance with payback.

Energy Procurement

Activus Energy negotiates with its 100+ energy suppliers and analyzes offers to construct the best options for your business.  As your energy saving advocate, Activus Energy makes it easy to choose a supplier with confidence. There is no disruption to your electricity or gas service and you will still be serviced by your current utility company.

  • Principals have assisted over 500,000 clients in lowering their energy prices
  • 100+ years of collective experience
  • 105+ national supplier relationships
  • Comprehensive bill auditing
  • Proprietary reverse auction technology
  • Over 10 billion kWh of annual electricity  usage
  • Over 5,000,000 of natural gas usage
  • Experts in multi-location properties across multiple states/utilities
  • Service multiple markets including retail, hospitality, property management, manufacturing, municipalities, healthcare and more

Energy Efficiency

Today’s competitive companies know that energy efficiency is not just beneficial to the environment and their communities; it is also beneficial to their company’s reputation, value proposition and to their bottom line. Qualified companies are receiving tax credits, utility rebates, and/or favorable financing terms that make their energy efficiency efforts cash positive from day one.

Meeting your company’s green and sustainability initiatives should not be at the expense of meeting your bottom line. 


  • Comprehensive energy consumption assessment
  • Energy reduction plans, including LEDs, HVAC and controls
  • Energy production plans including co-generation, solar, wind, microturbine
  • Storage: Integrated battery systems provide energy during outages
  • Water reduction/efficiency solutions
  • State of the art  EV charging stations
  • Turnkey project management
  • Zero down project financing solutions
  • Rebate and incentive processing
  • Over 1,500 projects nationwide
  • Technology neutral